Welcome to The Happy Rainbow Box

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Why is India’s largest holistic infrastructure institution talking about happiness?

The answer is simple.
At Srei, we believe that a brighter tomorrow
can only be built on the optimism of people today.

We like to think of ourselves as ‘fuelers’ of happiness.
So, we created the Happy Rainbow Box.
A reservoir that’s filled with
the collective optimism of the world.

Crammed into the box is a collection of positive thoughts.
And when we’re convinced they can lift the human spirit,
We take them out of the box.
And share it with the world.

Happiness Tales


Watch the colours of happiness
come alive in our Happy Rainbow Box Film

Then take the quiz below to find out which colour best suits your personality.

  • What Color
    Of The Rainbow
    Are You?

    Find Out
  • Who would you want to dress as, when going to a costume party?

  • If your boss suddenly tries to be nice, does that make you worry?

  • Do you take decisions based on your gut feeling over rationale?

  • How serious are you about exercising?

  • Are you very particular about fashion and art?

  • Are you different at office from how you are at home?

  • Do you keep your desk tidy?

  • Which one of these words describe you the best?

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Happiness increases when shared. Do it now.

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